Gourmet Cooking Class

Presented by the President’s Choice Cooking School
 – Bridgewater Superstore – Chef Anastasia Akasha Kaur 

Featuring Wine Tastings & Wine Specials from Petite Riviére Vineyards

FRIDAY May 3rd, 6:30-7:30pm 
– 50 people MAX.


  • Plant Based Lentil Tacos & Pasta salad with asparagus, mushrooms and lemon herb dressing

*Sign up at customer service desk in the Bridgewater Superstore with $10 cash*
*includes weekend admission to the Liverpool South Shore Expo*


Chef Anastasia Akasha Kaur

“Anastasia Akasha Kaur is a chef at the President’s Choice Cooking School inside the Bridgewater Superstore. As a cooking instructor and Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant, she is particularly interested in sharing her passion for how to grow, select and prepare Nova Scotia’s local foods.”


Registered Dietitian Hayley Ewing

“Hayley Ewing is the In-Store Dietitian at the Bridgewater and Liverpool Atlantic Superstore. She has worked in the grocery store for almost a decade and as a dietitian for the last 3 years. She helps her clients make healthy eating convenient, budget-friendly and delicious for the whole family, while getting rid of confusion around WHAT to eat. Hayley is passionate about helping others live their best life,  which includes WHY we eat – enjoyment, traditions, socializing and much more!”